son of God in power

THE GOSPEL – The Son of God in Power

Hello there!! All too soon we’ve come to the end of another exciting series. We hope THE GOSPEL SERIES has been a blessing to you. If you have been blessed by this series and our other posts we humbly ask that you share the experience. Share it with your family, friends and followers. We’re truly…

royal seed of david feature

THE GOSPEL – The Royal Seed of David

Hello there!!! We hope you enjoyed reading our last post as much as we enjoyed writing it. In the hope of the prophets, we mentioned that the long awaited messiah of Israel was going to come from the family of David. We also realized that although the nation of Israel waited for centuries, they missed…

what is the gospel


Hi there!! It’s good to have you with us once again. Today we begin an exciting new journey dubbed THE GOSPEL series.  If you’ve been around Christians for some time you would have heard us use the term “gospel”. The average summary of the gospel message goes something like this; “God loves you so he…

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