heart of a disciple: Paul

The Heart of A Disciple – Paul: Indebted, Ready and Unashamed.

Paul cuts a very interesting character in the biblical narrative. From his relentless pursuit and persecution of the early Christian movement to his passionate promotion of the same faith, his story is nothing short of epic. To attempt to properly contextualize Paul would require a series on its own but for the purposes of today’s post we would attempt to give a summary.

heart of a disciple: Ezra


Hello there!! In our last post we began to explore what it means for one to be a disciple. We said a Christian disciple is one who believes in the teachings of Jesus, rests on his sacrifice on the cross, is led by the Spirit and imitates the example of Jesus.  Another one of our…

are you a disciple


If a man’s last words are anything to go by then the last words of Jesus must be important. In it he asks them and in extension us to go out and make disciples of all nations, to teach and to baptize. But what does it mean to be a disciple? After all that’s what we are called to be and also, if we are going to make disciples, we must first of all have a fair idea what the end product looks like.

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